Glenn Goettler is an experienced Sound Recordist and Audio Engineer/A1 with over 20 years of industry experience. Comfortable working in all environments and with any talent, from Fortune 100 CEOs to celebrities to nervous amateurs, Glenn is dedicated to making every production run smoother by being on time and fully prepared, as well as assisting other departments as needed.


Centrally located in Connecticut, midway between New York City and Boston, Glenn considers nearly all of CT, RI, MA, New York City to be local, but also travels extensively as clients and productions require.

Having been involved in all aspects of both media and live event production including roles as producer, director and technical lead of very large projects, Glenn's vast experience allows any production to benefit from another set of eyes keeping track of all the small details, even if they're not sound related.

Glenn carries full liability and workers' comp insurance, and maintains a clean and safe driving record, a reliable vehicle, and a current passport. He also is a certified and experienced scuba diver in all conditions, and although not current, has had extensive emergency medical training having volunteered over 10 years on an ambulance crew.